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The most common roofing material in Waco, TX is definitely asphalt shingles. They’re fairly durable, standing up to inclement weather of all kinds, and they’re by far the cheapest material available. But there are many problems that can arise when you have an asphalt shingle roof, as many Texans do. You need to be on the lookout for these common issues so you’ll know when to call a certified roofer to do repairs.

Perhaps most relevant in Texas is the issue of shrinkage. During the hot days, asphalt shingles expand. When it cools off at night, though, they contract again, leading to the potential for cracks, loose edges, or shrinking. Obviously asphalt shingles have to be built and installed with this in mind, but over time, this constant cycle will wear down even the strongest materials. Of course, cracks and gaps in the tiles wouldn’t be as much of an issue if not for the fact that rain has a much easier time getting into the home. Leaks can occur from even a small crack, soaking the insulation and requiring costly repairs if not caught in time.

You should be performing routine maintenance on your roof, and this starts by inspecting it for debris, checking your home for leaks and — if you can do so safely — getting on the roof yourself to look for any cracks or areas where the shingles have pulled away from one another. Ideally, however, you should also have a professional come out and assess the health of your roof. Many will do this as a consultation for a reduced rate, and it’s worth your time and finances to take them up on the offer.

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Top Rated Waco, TX Roofing Contractors Nearby

Johnson Roof Systems

5.0 (38)
PO Box 11368, Waco, TX, 76716 20 years in business
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MC Exteriors

5.0 (20)
1323 Barron Ave, Waco, TX, 76707-3647 14 years in business
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Premier Metal Works

5.0 (37)
8457 N State Highway 6, Waco, TX, 76712-2613 12 years in business
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Enviro-Serv Restoration & Cleaning

5.0 (30)
5505 N State Highway 6, Waco, TX, 76712-2612 30 years in business
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Tri-Star Roofing and Remodeling

5.0 (37)
, Waco, TX, 76707-1836 20 years in business
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