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With summer storms come heavy rains, strong winds, and hail. Can the roof on your Los Angeles home hold up to inclement weather? If it is already damaged or deteriorating, that is unlikely.

It is recommended to have your roof inspected by a professional roofer at least two times a year. This is important because it can help to catch minor roof damage or signs of issues before it becomes a major repair. During an inspection, roofing companies will assess the interior and exterior components to make sure there aren’t any repairs needed to keep you roof stable and your home safe. They will also often share insightful tips for preventing future issues with your roof.

Having regular checks of your roof can also save you thousands! For example, heavy rain and strong winds could pull off shingles or eventually wear them down so that they don’t protect your roof anymore. If there is a space between shingles, water could get through and create a leak into your house, which then could cause mold or mildew. Not only is fixing damage like this often a costly hassle, it is also bad for your health to breathe in the mold and mildew.

If a roofer were to see the deteriorating roofing components early, they could repair it and avoid the leak issue entirely! This is why these regular inspections are so highly recommended in order to prolong the life of your roof.

For a roof that is even more stable and safe, you could consider upgrading to a more durable roofing material. Metal is especially well known for being able to withstand extreme temperatures, hail, and high winds. Plus, it is also thought to boost your curb appeal!

Wondering how much a roof inspection, repair, or replacement will cost you?  The pricing for services vary between roofing contractors and depending on what you need, so use our free online tool to get estimates from the best Los Angeles roofers in minutes.

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Top Rated Los Angeles, CA Roofing Contractors Nearby

Chimalpopoca Roofing Corporation

5.0 (32)
5851 Brentwood Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90003-1117 15 years in business
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American High Tech Roof Coating, Inc.

5.0 (40)
Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, 90042 13 years in business
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Supreme Roofing Company, Inc.

5.0 (33)
1015 N Gower St, Los Angeles, CA, 90038-2809 70 years in business
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5.0 (38)
1480 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90041-2357 26 years in business
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J & J Roofing

5.0 (24)
2929 Knox Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90039-3426 25 years in business
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