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Dallas, TX is a thriving hub of culture, hosting the Kalita Humphreys Theatre where world-renowned operas, ballets, musicals, and symphony concerts are performed. The art district is a great place to take in a show or festival and see everything from modern to classical art. And of course there are plenty of parks, museums, zoos, and other activities to take part in.

When you’re done enjoying a day in the Dallas sunshine, though, you just want to relax at home, safe and secure. Unfortunately Dallas storms can cause significant damage to your roof and rob you of that cozy home experience. Post-storm leaks are common, especially if damage has been building up over time. Hail can remove the granules from your asphalt shingles, exposing them to more wear and tear. Strong wind can gust shingles off and leave your home completely exposed. Excessive rain will weigh down a roof and with underlying problems, you’ll experience significant issues that will leave you with a massive repair bill.

None of this is the type of experience you want to come home to after enjoying a day out, so how do you ensure your roof stays well-protected? It starts with an annual inspection. Most roofing companies will do this for a low cost of around $150. The benefits of a physical roof inspection by a licensed roofing contractor are numerous, as they can find small problems before they become larger, saving you sometimes thousands of dollars in repair or replacement costs.

As mentioned, it’s a good idea to get an inspection done annually if you want to keep your roof in its best condition. Scheduling one with a local roofer should be simple, and most can fit you in to their existing schedules. You’ll get a chance to ask your roofer questions and get to know them before they do any major work for you, which is always helpful when establishing a new relationship.

If you’re ready to get your roof inspected, use our free tool for an estimate today. We’ll find the highest rated roofing contractors in your area and get you on your way to a more sustainable roof.

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MyRoofingPal now has roofing contractors available for hire in Dallas, TX. We guarantee that within minutes you will have cost quotes from up to four of the best roofing contractors in Dallas. Our roofing companies can take on any project big or small, and specialize in roof replacement and roof repair for all different types of roofs.Choose from a number of roof types available which include asphalt shingles, metal roof, flat roof, natural slate, tile, wood shake, composite and more! Answer a few questions so we can understand your project, tell us your zip code in Dallas, and then you will be on your way to working with one our best roofing contractors in the area!

Top Rated Dallas, TX Roofing Contractors Nearby

All Phase Maintenance

5.0 (28)
11404 Forest Heights St, Dallas, TX, 75229 19 years in business
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Regency Superior Construction, LLC

5.0 (20)
17800 Dickerson St STE 112, Dallas, TX, 75252-3021 13 years in business
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Construction Concepts

5.0 (34)
Serving North Central Texas, Dallas, TX, 75204 23 years in business
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CBS Construction

5.0 (20)
13355 Noel Road Suite 1100, Dallas, TX, 75240 21 years in business
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5.0 (33)
3419 Westminster Ave Ste 303, Dallas, TX, 75205-1387 14 years in business
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