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If you’re looking for roof repair in Saint Louis, MO, we can help. Our roofing companies provide roof replacement and repair for residential and commercial roofs. From cracked asphalt shingles to splitting metal seams, our licensed roof contractors will assess the damage and state of the roof, then get to work restoring your roof to its original state — or replacing it with a brand new one.

Many old homes in Saint Louis boast long-lived slate roofs. Slate is incredibly durable, and a new slate roof can last 75 years if properly maintained. Slate roofs are fire and mold resistant, and absorb very little water, making them far less susceptible to freezing than other roofing materials.

If you’re looking to have a roof replaced in Saint Louis, MO, it will cost you an average of $6,700. Numbers vary based on the type and complexity of the roof. You will find that slate costs much more, around $20,000, but it will need far fewer repairs and replacements. When you’re ready to get started, use our online tool to get a free price estimate from the top roofers in your area!

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MyRoofingPal now has roofing contractors available for hire in St. Louis, MO. We guarantee that within minutes you will have cost quotes from up to four of the best roofing contractors in St. Louis. Our roofing companies can take on any project big or small, and specialize in roof replacement and roof repair for all different types of roofs.Choose from a number of roof types available which include asphalt shingles, metal roof, flat roof, natural slate, tile, wood shake, composite and more! Answer a few questions so we can understand your project, tell us your zip code in St. Louis, and then you will be on your way to working with one our best roofing contractors in the area!

Top Rated St. Louis, MO Roofing Contractors Nearby


5.0 (24)
9666 OLIVE ST STE 690,, ST. LOUIS, MO, 63132 21 years in business
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Midwest Construction & Development, LLC

5.0 (21)
7474 Castro Dr., St. Louis, MO, 63135-3418 7 years in business
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Curtain & Curtain Roofing & Construction

5.0 (37)
5376 Martin Luther King, St. Louis, MO, 63112 54 years in business
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JL Construction

5.0 (25)
4569 Newport Ave, St. Louis, MO, 63116 54 years in business
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5.0 (25)
4550 Pope Ave, St. Louis, MO, 63115 54 years in business
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