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With warm weather almost year-round and fun recreational activity options, Austin is a well-loved city for many. However, it’s location in Central Texas also comes with a varied array of risks homeowners should be aware of and prepare for. Strong roofs especially can offer added protection from the heavy rain, intense heat, wind, hail, and even wildfires or tornadoes – all potential threats.

However, roofs have to be cared for properly and made of durable materials in order to hold up to severe weather and natural disasters. Since wildfires are a high risk for western Austin, investing in a fire-resistant roofing material could make a huge difference in case of a fire. Luckily, asphalt shingles, one of the most common and affordable roofing options, are also a fairly fire-resistant roofing material. They are supposed to last two hours in a fire before catching.

For more peace of mind, metal roofing has become a popular option for homeowners who want a wildfire-resistant home. This fireproof, durable, and lightweight material is also ideal for its ability to resist high winds – a bonus in an area where this is also a threat. It also may surprise you that metal roofs are also great for hot temperatures due to their reflective properties.

Of course, even new and durable roofs should be checked often for damage or other issues to avoid major problems down the road. If you don’t feel comfortable inspecting your roof on your own, you can hire a roofing contractor to do a more thorough inspection. It is recommended homeowners have this done by a roofing professional at least twice a year, with your own checks in between.

Making sure no debris is sitting on your roof or in your gutters and checking for repairs that need to be made – such as cracks, leaks, and other damage – are the key parts of a DIY roof check.

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Top Rated Austin, TX Roofing Contractors Nearby

Reliable Roofing

5.0 (31)
9431 Spring Hollow Dr, Austin, TX, 78750 21 years in business
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Drury Roofing, Inc.

5.0 (35)
11206 Bluff Bend Dr, Austin, TX, 78753-3220 35 years in business
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Newport Construction Services

5.0 (38)
2716 Barton Creek Blvd Apt 2411, Austin, TX, 78735-1600 21 years in business
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All-Tex Exteriors

5.0 (35)
8127 Mesa Dr B206-198, Austin, TX, 78759 33 years in business
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Dustin Johnson Exteriors & Roofing

5.0 (37)
901 S Mo Pac Expy Ste 300 Bldg 1, Austin, TX, 78746-5883 29 years in business
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