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Anyone who has spent a summer in Texas knows the heat can be brutal! While you sit in your air conditioned Fort Worth home, have you ever thought of what all that extreme heat can do to your roof?

Prolonged heat can cause support beams, joists, and roof decking to crack or break which can allow water to seep into your home. Leaks can lead to mold and mildew problems which are bad for your home and health. However, an even bigger threat to your roof is a tornado and the strong winds, hail, downed trees, and heavy rain that come with severe storms.

It is important to know that you and your family are living under a sturdy, damage-free roof. Especially with that harsh Texas heat working against you, and a roof that is already cracking or breaking from the heat won’t stand a chance if a large storm or tornado comes through your neighborhood.

Make sure to plan time to do a routine inspection of your roof throughout the year and after any larger storm to check for damage. Clear debris from your roof and gutters, then check for leaks, cracks, or other damage. Of course, safety is key. If you don’t feel that you can do this general maintenance on your own, you can hire a roofing contractor to check your roof for you. 

For those DIY types, think twice before trying to fix any damage on your own as well. Even armed with the best YouTube videos, roof work can be dangerous for the inexperienced and you could potentially make the problem worse. Calling on professional roofers when a repair is needed can make sure your roof is fixed properly – something you want to be sure of before the next big storm rolls through!

Wondering how much this peace of mind will cost you? The pricing for maintenance checks and fixes vary between roofing contractors, so use our free online tool to get estimates from the best Fort Worth roofers in minutes.

Top Rated Fort Worth, TX Roofing Contractors Nearby

Fidelity Re-Roofing

5.0 (39)
3141 Saint Louis Ave, Fort Worth, TX, 76110-4132 53 years in business
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Inspections Galore, Roofing & Construction

5.0 (33)
1551 W Berry St Ste 109, Fort Worth, TX, 76110-3868 8 years in business
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Lindsey Roofing

5.0 (23)
920 Country Club Ln, Fort Worth, TX, 76112-1939 19 years in business
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Kingdom Roofing

5.0 (26)
5801 Curzon Ave Ste 215, Fort Worth, TX, 76107-5800 35 years in business
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A1 Roofing & Construction

5.0 (25)
913 Minden St, Fort Worth, TX, 76110-5714 30 years in business
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