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In Richmond, homes have to deal with a variety of weather risks – including tornadoes, hurricanes, winter storms, and even earthquakes. Making sure your roof is secure and stable in the event of severe weather or a natural disaster should be a priority. Because if your roof is compromised, so is the rest of your home.

Luckily, there are multiple ways to make sure your roof has the best chance possible to stand up against high wind, heavy rains, and other potential threats. Making sure your roof is damage-free is a great first step because even a small leak or crack can compromise the stability of your roof. Even without intense storms, it is important not to put off these kinds of issues because it can lead to more extensive and costly damage.

While you may decide to do a general check of your roof on your own, it’s key to call a roofing company to handle the repairs. They have the right tools and knowledge to make sure your roof is fixed correctly and safely. It is all too easy to hurt yourself when working on a roof – with the high risk of a fall. It’s always recommended to leave it to the professionals.

Your roofer can also recommend additional ways to keep your house and family safe, like securing your roof to the home foundation for added stability. If interested, they could also share options for a new, more durable roof made of materials that may be better suited to withstand high wind and other elements than what you currently have.

A common option for homeowners who are susceptible to tornadoes, hurricanes, and other extreme storms, is a metal roof. Known for its ability to hold up to extreme winds, metal roofs are effective because of how the panels keep wind from getting underneath by interlocking and overlapping each other. This keeps wind from being able to lift the roof up.

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Top Rated Richmond, VA Roofing Contractors Nearby

Northeast Construction, Inc

5.0 (39)
8747 Whitepine Rd, Richmond, VA, 23237-2282 25 years in business
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J M Wingfield Roofing & Htg

5.0 (39)
PO Box 5366, Richmond, VA, 23220-0366 51 years in business
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Jacob's Ladder Construction, Inc.

5.0 (38)
2405 Westwood Avenue, Suite 112 Ste 109, Richmond, VA, 23230-4016 17 years in business
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Sermat Construction Services, Inc.

5.0 (32)
2419 Westwood Ave, Richmond, VA, 23230-4013 38 years in business
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Young's Construction & Cleaning Services, Inc.

5.0 (28)
309 Hummingbird Rd, Richmond, VA, 23227-3628 19 years in business
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