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Like many cities in the northern part of the U.S., Milwaukee can have especially frigid winters – with heavy snow, ice, and intense wind. Just like you wouldn’t want to go out in the elements with a ripped jacket, you don’t want to go into winter with a damaged roof. If you aren’t confident your home and family will remain safe and dry, it’s definitely time to have your roof inspected or perhaps consider getting a new one installed.

While DIY checks of your roof are possible and encouraged, it is important to still have a professional roofing company out to do a more thorough inspection of your roof at least twice a year. A roofer will be able to identify possible issues you would probably miss – like structural damage. They also have the tools and skills needed to fix any repairs and can do so safely.

Doing repairs on your own can often lead to injury or worsened roof damage. Although, it is recommended to remove debris from your roof and gutters regularly. But taking safety precautions is key. Where rubber-soled shoes if going on your roof to avoid slipping and always have someone hold your ladder when you are going up and down it. While up there, it is smart to do a check for any cracks, leaks, or other damage in order to have it repaired professionally as soon as possible.

Removing debris is especially important in winter climates because it can contribute to the probability of an ice dam forming. Ice dams are created when snow on your roof melts and refreezes on the edge of your roof. This creates a dam-like effect and prevents the snowmelt from draining properly. It can lead to water being pushed up under your roof and into your home. Large icicles can also form and become so heavy they tear off your gutters, shingles, and eaves.

Another preventative measure for avoiding ice dams is making sure your attic is ventilated and insulated well. To go even further with preventative measures, having a metal roof installed by your roofing contractor can help a lot because snow and ice slides off that material so easily.

If you’re curious about the cost of roofing inspections, repairs, or installation, just use our easy tool to receive estimates from the top roofing companies and contractors in Milwaukee.

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5.0 (37)
4710 N 124th St, Milwaukee, WI, 53225-4316 36 years in business
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Pinicas Siding and Roofing

5.0 (23)
3548 S 45th St, Milwaukee, WI, 53220-1506 17 years in business
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Advantage Roofing

5.0 (33)
2014 S. 89th St., Milwaukee, WI, 53227 50 years in business
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First Choice Roofing Contractors

5.0 (37)
623 East Russell, Milwaukee, WI, 53207 18 years in business
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Quality Seal Roofing, LLC

5.0 (26)
3402 S 16th St, Milwaukee, WI, 53215-4904 13 years in business
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