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Memphis residents face a variety of weather challenges that make roof repairs a necessity. You may know when to call a professional to repair damaged shingles, fix broken flashing, or expand ventilation, but when do you need to bite the bullet and replace your roof? With so many different threats including excess rain, strong wind, and even heavy snow, it’s better to prepare well ahead of time. Fortunately, there are some key signs you can look for.

Repeated issues with blisters, punctures, or loose flashing can definitely be indicative of a roof that’s past its prime. Blisters occur when moisture gets trapped during the expansion and contraction of an asphalt shingle, and they effectively displace the granules found in the tile. This makes it much easier for UV light to damage them. Punctures can happen from a rough hail storm or from debris falling on the roof, and they create opportunities for water to get in. Loose flashing — that is the strips running along either side of your shingles — is an even bigger risk when it comes to leaks, and could mean a loss of structure for the whole shingle.

The typical asphalt shingle roof will last only about 20 years, so if you’re nearing the end of that lifespan, you need to look at every problem with a critical eye. As with anything that requires maintenance, sometimes the bill to keep it maintained becomes far more costly than the bill to just replace it, and this is often the case with asphalt roofs which only cost around $5,000-$8,000 to replace.

When you’re ready to replace your roof and better withstand the Tennessee weather, it’s time to call a professional. Just use our free online tool to find and get estimates from the best roofers in your area.

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Top Rated Memphis, TN Roofing Contractors Nearby

Northcross Restoration Company, Inc.

5.0 (37)
6099 Mount Moriah Road Ext Ste 7A, Memphis, TN, 38115-2667 44 years in business
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C P R For Your Home, LLC

5.0 (35)
8895 E Shelby Dr, Memphis, TN, 38125-3300 40 years in business
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Wells Remodeling

5.0 (37)
5118 Park Ave STE 114, Memphis, TN, 38117-5710 9 years in business
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Best Choice Roofing of Middle TN

5.0 (34)
7895 Stage Hills Blvd, Memphis, TN, 38133-4049 13 years in business
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RDM Roof Coatings

5.0 (25)
, Memphis, TN, 38114 22 years in business
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