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If you are living in Louisiana, you know the risks hurricanes can pose. Lafayette homeowners are encouraged to be diligent in making sure their homes are as prepared as possible to weather a big storm. A stable roof is key to keeping your home secure, because if your roof is damaged it can compromise your entire home.

It’s recommended to have a roofing contractor check your roof for damage at least twice a year in order to prevent any major issues early. However, you can and should also check your roof every couple of months, if you feel you can do so safely. Removing debris from your roof and gutters can help avoid issues. You should also keep an eye out for cracks, leaks, or other damage and get a roofer out to repair those issues quickly. Leaks especially can lead to issues in your home as well with the potential to cause mold and mildew.

While the potential roof damage from the wind, rain, and debris that comes with storms is obvious, many people don’t realize prolonged exposure to heat can also cause major damage to your roof. Heat can even eventually damage critical roofing structures like joists or support beams. That’s why these checks are so important.

However, trying to DIY roof fixes is strongly discouraged because it can lead to injury or worsening of the damage. You could end up damaging the roof foundation and causing a much bigger, more expensive issue. Always call a professional.

Depending on the damage, it may make more sense to just have a new roof installed that will be more durable and have less issues in the long run. Metal roofs are a go-to for homeowners in areas with tornadoes, hurricanes, and storms with strong winds because they are secured in a way that keeps them from being lifted up. Surprisingly, metal roofs are actually great in hot temperatures because they can reflect the heat away from your home.

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Top Rated Lafayette, LA Roofing Contractors Nearby

Spears Consulting Inc.

5.0 (33)
4400 Ambassador Caffery Suite A-329, Lafayette, LA, 70508 17 years in business
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Jim Olivier's Roofing Louisiana LLC

5.0 (40)
455 Ridge Rd, Lafayette, LA, 70506-7103 14 years in business
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Simon Roofing, Inc.

5.0 (33)
127 S. Bienville, Lafayette, LA, 70501 50 years in business
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Parish Industries

5.0 (27)
216 Downing, Lafayette, LA, 70506 16 years in business
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Harold Thibodeaux Roofing

5.0 (20)
209 Doc Duhon St., Lafayette, LA, 70501 36 years in business
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