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While asphalt shingles are still the most popular roofing material in Charleston, metal roofs have slowly been gaining popularity in recent years. They’re cost-effective and durable, requiring a larger investment upfront for a roof that will last far, far longer than asphalt. They can hold up to any of the weather conditions South Carolina has to offer, no matter how extreme. And they’re heavily customizable, with metal roofs being offered in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to fit any residential or commercial building.

But how do you know if a metal roof is right for you? If you intend to stay in your current home longer than the next 10-20 years — the average lifecycle of an asphalt shingle roof — then a metal roof will definitely pay for itself in the money you’ll save. Otherwise, that’s a massive investment to make for someone else’s benefit.

You also need to consider the pitch of your current roof. Metal roofs do best on a pitch of 3:12 or greater. If your roof is pitched lower, there may be some issues. There are still solutions out there, but you’ll be very limited in terms of style, since a certain amount of pitch is needed to properly install a secure metal roof.

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MyRoofingPal now has roofing contractors available for hire in Charleston, SC. We guarantee that within minutes you will have cost quotes from up to four of the best roofing contractors in Charleston. Our roofing companies can take on any project big or small, and specialize in roof replacement and roof repair for all different types of roofs.Choose from a number of roof types available which include asphalt shingles, metal roof, flat roof, natural slate, tile, wood shake, composite and more! Answer a few questions so we can understand your project, tell us your zip code in Charleston, and then you will be on your way to working with one our best roofing contractors in the area!

Top Rated Charleston, SC Roofing Contractors Nearby

Storm Guard Roofing and Construction

5.0 (29)
1049 Jenkins Rd, Charleston, SC, 29407-5703 6 years in business
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Commonwealth Contracting, LLC

5.0 (28)
809 Saint Dennis Dr, Charleston, SC, 29407-7124 15 years in business
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G & S Supply Company

5.0 (22)
1850 Ashley River Rd, Charleston, SC, 29407-4711 30 years in business
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Canaan Custom Homes, LLC

5.0 (31)
1 Carriage Ln STE 204, Charleston, SC, 29407-6060 7 years in business
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Charleston Roofing and Exteriors

5.0 (30)
1662 Savannah Hwy STE 340, Charleston, SC, 29407-2259 6 years in business
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