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Birmingham is in a hot spot of Alabama, as well as the country, for tornadoes that are known to be particularly devastating as well as frequent. It is actually in a lesser-known tornado zone called Dixie Alley – which is the Southeastern version of Tornado Alley. The tornado risk is also thought to be growing here. In areas where severe weather is so common, having a solid and secure roof is extremely important. 

Even though some tornadoes are just too powerful for any home to stand a chance, taking a few steps to make sure your roof is secure as possible can help to keep your home and family safe from the wind, rain, and hail that comes with storm season. And for less-powerful tornadoes, it will give you a better chance to keep your home intact. Making sure your roof is in good shape beforehand can also keep you from having to make costly repairs later.

While you can do routine checks on your own to assess damage and remove debris, having your roof inspected regularly by a roofing professional who can do a deeper assessment is important. Roofing contractors can also provide insights on how to help protect your roof from the strong winds, rain, and hail that come with storms. For example, getting the roof secured to the walls and foundation of your home may be a good option to protect your family. While having a new roof installed that is made with more durable materials may be another option to consider.

Having a roofing company you trust to make repairs when damage does occur is also important. While you may need a roofer for bigger fixes like a fallen tree, you should also get even minor issues repaired quickly to keep them from turning into larger, more expensive repairs – or even an entire replacement.

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Top Rated Birmingham, AL Roofing Contractors Nearby

Elite Restoration

5.0 (28)
325 Green Springs Ave S, Birmingham, AL, 35205-6937 53 years in business
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Premier Building Specialists

5.0 (34)
1001 Eagle Club Cv, Birmingham, AL, 35242-4934 30 years in business
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Mack's Roofing Supply, Inc.

5.0 (21)
913 Allison Bonnett Memorial Dr, Birmingham, AL, 35228-1933 21 years in business
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Brooks Construction, LLC

5.0 (28)
PO Box 130635, Birmingham, AL, 35213-0635 33 years in business
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Rosales Painting Homewood, LLC

5.0 (36)
2017 30th Ave N Apt D, Birmingham, AL, 35207-4962 21 years in business
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