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With tornado hot-spot Dixie Alley stretching across most of Alabama, Montgomery is highly susceptible to tornadoes. While even the toughest roof can’t stand up to the destructive power of a direct tornado hit, preparing your home to have the best chance possible to remain secure in the extreme weather associated with tornado season is extremely important.

Heavy rain, strong winds, flying debris, and hail can all lead to severe roof damage. After a storm, it is important to check your roof, remove any debris, and make note of any issues that will need to be repaired. Not addressing even minor damage can lead to major problems like leaking or roof foundation issues. A damaged roof also isn’t as stable and won’t hold up as well the next time a storm rolls through.

While you may feel empowered by all the DIY videos you’ve seen on YouTube, it is important to hire a roofing contractor or company to make sure the repairs are done correctly and safely. As you can imagine, working on a roof can lead to some serious injuries if the right precautions and tools aren’t used. Roofers can also offer helpful insights on other ways to keep your roof stable, including securing it to the walls and foundation to help it withstand strong winds better.

Depending on what kind of roof you have now and how old it is, you may also want your roofing company to give you a price estimate for installing a new, more durable roof. Metal is known for its ability to withstand high winds because of how the panels interlock and overlap. However, proper installation is key to get the full benefit. The panels must be joined tightly so that wind cannot flow underneath them and lift the roof up.

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